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Originated in 1993, reborn in 2013, the Danish delight is open 6 days (closed Mondays) from 5PM to 10PM and serves outstanding Northern European cuisine. Come to 2275 South Federal Highway in Delray Plaza, Delray Beach (561-276-2242).

Start with a traditional “Koldt Board”- actually a multi-tier selection of typical appetizers as follows:
Fine Grav Lax Salmon with honey mustard on flatbread.
A deviled egg topped with a caviar pearl.
Great pickled sea herring-sweet tasting in tomato/sherry sauce.
A Tasty warm spinach dip with Danish blue cheese.
Chilled marinated petit mushrooms with Dijon mustard+ thyme.
Deep flavor whole petit pickled beets – tangy.
Fresh dill flavored European cucumber salad- cool.
Rich Madras curry sliced boneless chicken-fantastic taste.

Sampling all of the above gave this reviewer and guest a wonderful tour of outstanding North European tastes done to perfection.

We had a thick yellow split pea soup, superior taste with tender bits of carrot- deliciously filling. We sampled their Caesar salad but found it quite dull, even asking for anchovies did not give it life. When informed, we were told that Chef Christian was aware of its shortcoming and plan to revise the dressing. Thank you, Chef!
The roast half duck, crisp and with superior duck meat as fine as we ever had. It was served with an excellent sweet and sour red cabbage, smooth mashed potatoes, haricot vert green beans and carrot spears in a great, light berry sauce! Tournedos BĂ©arnaise- available in one or two 4 oz. center cut
Beef tenderloins-done, as requested medium/well-with asparagus, mushrooms, delicious in the rich sauce. We did have the opportunity to taste an old favorite, beef tongue with spinach and mushrooms. Make no mistake…this is nothing like Deli tongue but it rich and soft to the palate with succulent taste. Do try it!

Others entrees include brisket of beef, Chicken Raspberry, calves sweetbreads, Wienerschnitzel, meat loaf, Veal Cutlet Oscar, baby calves liver and 4 or 8 chops rack of lamb.
All portions of entrees are man-size and most attractively presented by the charming and helpful wait staff.

Two desserts- Belgian chocolate cake, then Danish Layer cake – sweet, sweet endings to our fine dining experience.

We noted an excellent wine list with quite reasonable pricing for a world wide selection.

The Out of Denmark set menu will change seasonally, Chef’s specials above and their every dish is made fresh every day to our delight.
To welcome Out of Denmark back, we suggest you…Go and Enjoy!

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