Monday, June 16, 2014

Restaurant Review: UNCLE TAI’S

Sampling the dinner menu at Uncle Tai’s Hunan Yuan, a Boca Raton landmark.

Of the six soup offerings, we tasted the house wonton soup (for 2) very, very tasty with pieces of shrimp, scallops and vegetables. This was followed by a cup of seafood gumbo soup (for 2) with a true gumbo taste, a slightly sweet, mild, tasty selection.

Some eighteen appetizers include salt and pepper calamari rings-soft texture and just a bit chewy. We savored the steamed mussels, plump, rich taste with a fine sweet sauce-a good choice. The soft shell crab was crisp and full flavored while the spring roll was only average.

We had the honey crisp boneless duck with duck flavor coming through beautifully. The jumbo shrimp with basil was done a tasty Szechuan style which we applaud. Our selection for the best dish is Uncle Tai’s crispy beef-crispy is the word…crunchy and delicious with true rich beef flavor…don’t miss this one! There are 14 items under the title “Uncle Tai’s Specialties”

The 10 seafood listings include jumbo shrimp with garlic sauce and jumbo shrimp with a fine black bean sauce. Both excellent choices as the shrimp are truly jumbo.

We selected sliced lamb with scallions-tender and full flavored as was the sliced pork with scallions. Both their sauces rich and fine tasting. These are just two of the 10 meat dishes offered.

Uncle Tai’s presents 9 vegetable dishes and 8 under the title of noodles and rice. We enjoyed the noodle dish-Chow Fun, Hunan style. It’s tender, flavorful with its unique sauce.

Uncle Tai’s is open 7 days, Luncheon-Monday through Saturday from 11:30 to 2:30- Dinner- Sunday through Thursday from 5PM to 10PM, till 10:30PM on Friday and Saturday. Seating 250 inside and 50 on the patio, their regular menu is augmented by Chef’s monthly Specials. There is a full bar available and they  also offer five “Oriental Sunset Dinners”, limited menu choices at reduced prices, served from 5PM to 6:15PM.

Located at Boca Center on Military Trail in Boca Raton, reservations (561-368-8806) are suggested for superior Chinese foods!

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